News. Volarti Business Services Ltd Volarti Business Services Ltd professional company supplying important services to start-up and small businesses, helping ambitious owners to grow and develop. They had a very basic website but wanted to this changed to be more dynamic and reflect the services they offered. After an initial meeting a scope of a website was drawn up, keeping the client informed as we do every step of the way we created each page and populated with information about the business. Once the client was happy the site was uploaded to there Domain. Ecowash-MK Ecowash-MK are a cleaning service based in Castlethorpe near Milton Keynes who offer a local, friendly, professional pressure wash, surface cleaning and high powered vacuum solutions for domestic, commercial and the public sector. They had no online presents other than social media. A meeting was held with the client to discuse what they required on there site and they provided us with some images they wished to be used on the site. We took these images and using these and further images and information about the business created a fresh looking site for them. We also linked there Social Media Feeds to the site. Black Barn Classics Ltd - Classic Car Restoration Black Barn Classics Ltd are a new Classic Car Restoration and Servicing company located in North Crawley. Being a relatively new company they did not have a website, so they asked Bricknall’s Web Design Services to design and upload a site for them. Various discussions were held to ascertain what was required from the site and a design was put together. Once the client was happy with this we proceeded to upload the site. We also advised on how they could get listed on Google and also have had a discussion with regards to Facebook advertising as well. New Offices. Bricknall’s Web Design Services are very pleased to be able to advise they have recently moved into there new offices. Our new address is as follows:- Unit 4/5 Regents Hall St Marys Avenue Stony Stratford Milton Keynes MK11 1EB Hobbsie’s Artificial Grass. Hobbsie’s Artificial Grass are a Milton Keynes based Artificial Grass and Landscaping company. They had no online presences and being a growing company wanted to increase there customer base with a eye catching website. A discussion was held to ascertain what the client required from the site and a proposal was put together. Once this was agreed the site was created and uploaded. We also advised on getting listed on Google and through the hosting company we advised the client is now appearing on Google searches. GMCOG- A New Site for a New Classic Owners Group. The General Motors Classic Owners Group was formed in 2016 as Facebook Group. However they decided that they needed a web presents and spoke to Bricknall’s Web Design Services to see how they could help. A number of meetings were held to discuss what was required and a website proposal was put together. A few weeks latter the website was uploaded and the General Motors Classic Owners Group Website was linked through to there Facebook Page. The Property Suite - relaunching of there website. The Property suite are a letting agent based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. There current website was in need of a refresh and issues with the hosting all need to be sorted out. As our IT Support Business already deals with them it made sense for us to take a look at there current website and help and advise on sorting the hosting problem out. A complete refresh of the site was carried out and various other changes were made. Tickford Owners Club Commission Bricknall’s Web Design Services update there website. The Tickford Owners Club recently commissioned us to redesign and re-launch there website. Version one of there website has been uploaded with a further revision to come. Vauxfest Commission Bricknall’s Web Design Services to Create there New Site. Vauxfest a new Bedford/Opel/Vauxhall Show taking place at Billing Aquadrome with it’s first show in September 2018. In January 2018 the organisers commissioned Bricknall’s Web-Design to create them an eye catching website for there event. Cavalier and Chevette Club Website wins National Award.
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