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Recent project completed by ourselves.
Tickford Owners Club The Tickford Owners Club recent commisioned up to re-design and relaunch there website.  Version One of the site has recently been uploaded. Version two of the site is currently being worked on at the moment.  This was a major redesign from what they had previousl and was a lot more visual. Cavalier and Chevette Club The Cavalier and Chevette Club are a UK car Club that catters for the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 and the Vauxhall Chevette.  We were asked to re-design there website in 2015.  This was a major re-design and lots of pages were added with information about the cars and the club.  We then assisted in adding Paypal onto the site.  The site is constantly evolving and new information is added to the site on a regular basis.  This site was entered into the National Car Club Awards in 2016 in the Outstanding Website Category and won the category.  CJ Bricknall & Company Limited CJ Bricknall and Company Limited asked us if we could updated and modernise there website.  CJ Bricknall and Company Limited are Multi Million pound building contractor based in Milton Keynes.  We created a site and advised that they have photos of current contacts on the site as well as on going contracts. We also advised that they write a portfolio on completed contracts so to give an idea to clients as to what soirt of work they do.  This is currently int he process of being written.  We adminsiter the website and constantly update it with new information and pictures as required.  Bricknall’s PC Services Sister company Bricknall’s PC Services website has a had a redesign and was re-launched at the end of of 2018.  Vauxfest We were commsioned by the organisers of a new car show called Vauxfest to create a website for there event. There was a very tight schedule to create this site, and the Christmas break was in the middle of the scehdule.  However the site was completed and uploaded and lanuched on 10th January 2018.  We will be administering the website and constantly updatin it with News as and when instructed to by the events organisers.